How does the theory of evolution explain the sudden emergence of life on earth?

How does the theory of evolution explain the sudden emergence of life on earth?

The theory of evolution cannot offer any explanation for the emergence of life on earth.

When terrestrial strata and the fossil record are examined, it is seen that living organisms appeared suddenly. The oldest stratum of the earth in which fossils of living creatures have been found is that of the “Cambrian,” which has an estimated age of 520-530 million years. The fossils found in the Cambrian rocks belonged to various complex invertebrate species. Most interestingly, this wide mosaic of living creatures emerged all of a sudden without any pre-existing ancestors. This is why this miraculous event is referred to as the “Cambrian Explosion” in geological literature.

How the earth came to overflow with such a great number of animal species all of a sudden and how these distinct types of species with no common ancestors could have emerged without undergoing any evolutionary period are questions evolutionists can never answer.


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