How is the creation of mankind related in the Qur’an?

How is the creation of mankind related in the Qur’an?

Allah gives ample information in the Qur’an about the creation of mankind. Most of this information contains facts that could not be known by the people of that time, but have recently been discovered by modern science; which is one of the innumerable scientific miracles of the Qur’an. Information given in the Qur’an about the creation of mankind can be summarised as follows:

The nutritive fluid called semen, which contains sperm, is not composed only of sperms. On the contrary, semen is composed of a mixture of different fluids. It is pointed out in the Qur’an that semen is a “mingled” fluid. This fact was recently revealed through the aide of modern science.

We created man from a mingled drop to test him, and We made him hearing and seeing. (Surat al-Insan, 2)

Only one of the millions of sperms in the semen fertilises the ovum. In other words, the essence of man is not the whole semen, but only a little part of it. It is stated in the Qur’an that man is not created from the whole semen, but from a mere part of it as follows:

Was he not a drop of ejaculated sperm? (Surat al-Qiyama 37)

Without wasting any time, the “zygote”, the cell resulting from the union of the sperm and the ovum, starts duplicate to become a “piece of flesh”. The zygote does not spend this developmental stage in a cavity, but clings to the mother’s uterine wall and sticks there by means of its extensions, like roots anchoring a plant to the ground. This fact, which has been recently revealed, was described in the Qur’an centuries ago:

Recite: In the Name of your Lord Who created, created man from alaq [i.e., something that clings] (Surat al-’Alaq, 1-2)

The womb is filled with the “amniotic fluid” surrounding the zygote which has started to develop. The importance of this fluid in which the foetus grows is to protect the foetus from external impact. The fact that the foetus develops in a secure place is also mentioned in the Qur’an:

Did We not create you from a base fluid, then place it in a secure repository for a recognised term? (Surat al-Mursalat, 20-21)

Allah has given information about some of the stages of man’s creation in Surat al-Muminun. Today it is a biologically proven fact that the developmental stages of man are exactly the same as what is described in the Qur’anic verses:

We created man from the purest kind of clay; then made him a drop in a secure receptacle; then formed the drop into an alaq (embryo) and formed the alaq into a lump and formed the lump into bones and clothed the bones in flesh; and then brought him into being as another creature. Blessed be Allah, the Best of Creators! (Surat al-Muminun, 12-14)

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