Can the formation of complex systems in living beings be explained by evolution?

No, it cannot. Complex systems in living beings, like the eye and the ear, which are made up of multiple components, can function only when all its components are intact. For instance, for an eye to...

The “primitive man” concept is an evolutionist nonsense.

There is no such thing as “primitive man”. A few of the numerous proofs on this subject are the following: The human fossil unearthed in Spain in 1995 utterly destroyed the tale of the...

What are the frauds committed by evolutionists to deceive the public?

The “ape-men” we see in newspapers, magazines, or films are all drawings based on the imagination of evolutionists. Inspired by a single tooth, evolutionists sometimes give shape to...

How does the theory of evolution explain the sudden emergence of life on earth?

The theory of evolution cannot offer any explanation for the emergence of life on earth. When terrestrial strata and the fossil record are examined, it is seen that living organisms appeared...

What are the other pieces of evidence that refute evolution?

It is possible to delve into the details of many of these pieces of evidence, but the principal ones are the following: First of all, contemporary science has conclusively proved that animate matter...

Do evolutionists’ claims about the formation of life have any validity?

No. The claims of evolutionists holding that living beings formed by coincidence is not valid. No evolutionary process ever took place. Still, let us explain the evidence on the invalidity of the...

What does the theory of evolution claim?

The theory of evolution claims that life is formed by chance. According to this unscientific claim, lifeless and unconscious atoms came together to form the cell and then they somehow formed other...
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