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How did the universe come into being?

Today, scientists have reached a consensus that the universe came into being out of nothing—suddenly, with a great explosion called the Big Bang. Compelling evidence which caused the Big Bang...

Who are the scientists who believe in Allah and religion?

Many people who do scientific research see with their own eyes and in full detail the extraordinarily complex structures and the perfect order in living beings, and the great harmony between them....

Religion and science are in agreement

Religion never conflicts with science. Science is the means to see Allah’s artistry. Allah created both religion and science, therefore any discord or conflict between them is impossible. In...

Is the universe mortal too?

Allah states that apart from all the created things in the universe, the universe itself will also die. All animals die, plants die, people die. Planets also die. So do the stars and the Sun. All...

How is it that Allah encompasses everything and He is closer to us than our jugular vein?

Material beings cannot see Allah; but Allah sees the matter that He created in all its forms. That is, we cannot grasp Allah’s being with our eyes, but Allah has thoroughly encompassed us from...

Since the material world we have experience of is actually perceptions seen by our soul, then what is the source of these perceptions?

The reality that should be noted when answering this question is that we see matter only as an illusion and we can never have direct experience of its external existence. Since matter is a perception...

Who or what is the perceiver?

So far, people have believed that what does the perceiving is the brain. When we analyse the brain, however, we see that there is nothing in it but lipid and protein molecules, which also exist in...

If we deal merely with perceptions of all matter, then what is the brain?

Since our brains are a part of the physical world just like our arms, legs, or any other object, we deal merely with its perception just like all other objects. An example about dreams will...

Do we not also experience dreams in the mind?

Yes, dreaming is an excellent example to understand the subject. In our dreams, we experience events, see people, objects and settings that seem completely real. However, they are all nothing but...

Can we reach the original of the external world?

We can never reach the original of the external world. Since throughout our lives we merely deal with the electrical signals reaching our brains, we merely know the perceptions in the mind. The only...
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