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What does “wisdom” mean?

Wisdom is the ability to determine what is right and most appropriate. All speech, decisions, and behavior of people of wisdom are wise and proper. They can explain a subject in the most correct,...

Who is responsible for spreading the message of religion?

Enjoining right and forbidding wrong is everyone’s responsibility, anybody who knows the truth is obliged to convey it to others. For that reason, conveying the message of religion and inviting...

How should one behave toward one’s parents?

Allah commands people to show kindness to their parents. Speaking kind words, showing affection and respect, and being compassionate to one’s parents is a requirement of the...

What does the “Unseen” mean?

The “Unseen” is that of which we can have no knowledge, sight, or hearing unless Allah reveals part of this knowledge to us, for only He knows the Unseen. Only Allah is Transcendent, free...

What does “revelation” mean?

Revelation is Allah’s way of inspiring the person’s heart with whatever information He wills to provide. Based on the Qur’an’s examples, revelation may be given by means of...

What aspects of religion ensure peace and harmony?

Religion, before all else, requires people to live according to their conscience. In an environment where everyone acts conscientiously, there will not be any quarrels, fighting or behaviour that...

What does “right action” mean?

Right actions are deeds, which are performed utterly in order to earn the good pleasure of Allah. A person may perform some actions which seem to be remarkable in their goodness or self-sacrifice....

What should one do when one makes a mistake or forgets?

Man is created weak; he may forget things or may make mistakes. Not to forget and not to be wrong are peculiar only to Allah. What is important is to act on it when one remembers what is right. Allah...

How can one call to the religion of Allah?

To communicate Islamic morals and good conduct to people is a command of Allah: In one verse Allah commands us to “Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair...

Are man and woman equals in Islam?

In the Qur’an, Allah refers to believers who have faith and do deeds of righteousness. In the sight of Allah the measure of value and superiority is not being a man or a woman, but to have...
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