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Is Hell divided into ranks?

In Hell, everyone will be repaid in full for what they did. Certainly people will be ranked according to the intensity of their disbelief, the confusion they stirred up concerning the believers and...

What will the unbelievers be given as food and drink in Hell?

The companions of Hell, who are removed from the mercy and grace of Allah on account of their excesses in the world, will not be given any blessing in the Hereafter. Unbelievers who will meet only...

Are there any other punishments in Hell apart from the Fire?

Allah informs us in the Qur’an that unbelievers will be flung into Hellfire, and will have garments of fire and tar. (Surat al-Hajj, 19) Yet the punishment of Hell is not limited to fire: -...

Will remorse in Hell be of any benefit?

Allah informs all mankind through His messengers and His revelations about what they should do. He does not destroy any city without giving it prior warning as a reminder (Surat ash-Shu’ara,...

Who will enter the Fire?

In many verses of the Qur’an those who will enter Hell are classified with certain characteristics. Some of the characteristics of these people can be listed as follows: those who disbelieve in...

What does the phrase “leaders who summon to the Fire” mean?

Both the believers and the unbelievers have leaders. The believers’ leaders invite them to live by the religion, perform good deeds, and exhibit good behavior. They inform them of Allah’s...

How can man escape from the whisperings of satan?

As Allah informs us in the Qur’an, satan’s scheming is always feeble (Surat an-Nisa, 76) He has no authority over those who believe and put their trust in our Lord. Allah has informed...

What is the provoking whisper of satan?

Satan approaches man from all directions, aiming to distract him from the path of Allah. He plays various tricks on man in order to achieve his goal. Satanic suggestion is one of these tricks....

Who takes satan as a friend?

The most significant aspect of satan is that he promised that he will divert mankind from the path of Allah. Therefore, anyone who rejects belief in Allah and His messenger, who tries to hinder...

Is satan continuously trying to misguide man?

Satan is endlessly occupied in trying to misguide man from the path of Allah. He does not cease from it even for a single moment and tries all kinds of methods. He approaches man via his weaknesses,...
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