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Will we see the Prophets on the Day of Judgment?

All people who have ever lived, including the Prophets, will be gathered on the Day of Judgment. Each Prophet will return to Allah to bear witness to his people. People will be judged in His presence...

Can anyone know when the Last Hour will come?

No, for such knowledge is unique to Allah. No person, unless Allah wills, can know when it will take place. All we know is that it is coming, for the Qur’an states: Incoming search terms:the...

Is it proper to refer to people as “the people of Paradise” or “the people of Hell” while still in this world?

Making such comments is improper, for only Allah knows who will enter Paradise and Hell. People will have such knowledge, if Allah wills, only in the Hereafter. The believers hope for Paradise, but...

How can one avoid being swept away by the life of this world?

This world is a particular place created by Allah where man is being tested and is being prepared for the abode of the Hereafter. Part of this test is that it is made to seem fair and attractive to...

Will wealth be of any use in the Hereafter?

Neither being rich nor possessing power in this world will be of any use in the Hereafter. No matter how much money or wealth one has in the world, this wealth will not be of any use when one is dead...

How will believers be welcomed in the Hereafter?

Believers, unlike unbelievers, will be cordially welcomed to their lives in the Hereafter. As stated in the verse ”those the angels take in a virtuous state…” (Surat an-Nahl,...

How will resurrection come about?

Allah is All-powerful and He is the Creator of every being. No doubt, Allah, Who brought everything into being out of nothing, Who created man from a single drop of fluid, has the power to create all...

Can a human being have the chance to make up for what he has done when he sees the truth in the hereafter?

On that day, it is impossible to make up for anything. To believe after death will not lead anyone to success. As is also stated in the Quran, the unbelievers will beg to be allowed to do everything...

Can people take the responsibility for one another’s sins?

Allah has proclaimed in the Qur’an that everybody will be held accountable for what he has done. Everyone will be made to see what he has done in the world, one by one, and no one will be able...

What kind of a reckoning will there be on the Day of Reckoning?

On the Day of Reckoning, everyone will be individually judged. Everything a man has done throughout his life will be shown without anything being withheld:”… even if something weighs as...
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